LoveRoom Wants To Help You Rent Your Apartment Out To Hot People

LoveRoom opened its doors last week, hopeful that people would sign up to open theirs as well.

The startup boasts that it’s “a platform where single people from all around the world can rent their living space to others under one condition: they need to be attractive.”

It’s an almost too-bizarre mix between OkCupid and Airbnb that hasn’t proved its necessity just yet.

When you sign up, you answer questions about yourself, much like you would on a dating site, except these questions are home-related (tub or shower? Hardwood or carpet?). These questions help those with like-minded taste in home decor find each other, because that’s something people apparently look for.

It’s a dating site with the ruse of being a rental site, which just sounds like an easy way to ensure someone will be joining you at your apartment at the end of the night for a one night stand.

If you didn’t plan on being home during your renter’s stay, why would their looks matter? It’s an idea that isn’t making sense to a lot of people. Fast Company points out that the site only saw 41 members sign up on its beta launch day.

Founder Josh Bocanegra came up with the idea for the site last month, and while the beta version of LoveRoom is now live, he told Forbes he’s still looking for developers and is hopeful for a full launch on Valentine’s Day.

Until then, you can sign up for LoveRoom beta and wait patiently until February 14th.

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