Check Out LoveFilm, The "Netflix Of Europe" That Amazon Bought For More Than $300 Million (PHOTO TOUR)

Photo: Dan Frommer, Business Insider

Amazon bought U.K.-based LoveFilm — the “Netflix of Europe,” which it already had a big stake in — earlier this year, for reportedly more than $300 million.So when we visited London tech companies earlier this year, LoveFilm HQ was one of our first stops.

The company, which streams movies in the U.K., Germany, and Scandinavia, is approaching 200 employees, and has more than 1.6 million subscribers.

It also announced a new deal this morning with Disney, which will allow LoveFilm subscribers to stream more than 50 Disney films as part of their subscription — something Netflix subscribers can’t do. (Disney movies on Netflix are currently available through Netflix’s relationship with Starz.) It will also stream newer Disney movies on a pay-per-view basis, a feature that Netflix doesn’t offer.

That doesn't look like old London town. You're right! LoveFilm is out by the North Acton tube stop, west of downtown London.

LoveFilm HQ is bright and colourful, even on a cloudy, drizzly day.

Kung Fu Panda!

Baloo and Nick Koronka greet us at the reception as we wait for our tour guide, brand marketing head Fliss White.

Movie references are all over the place.

Meeting to discuss where to put the exercise bike


The LoveFilm Walk of Fame

It's lunchtime as we arrive. Here's the LoveFilm team refueling.

Smiling employees!

The LoveFilm message board.

Developer Andre Shapps (on the phone, we think) makes an awesome looking lunch. Shapps rides a unicycle to work, we're told, and used to be in '80s pop band Big Audio Dynamite.

Obligatory kitchen shot.

The LoveFilm team from above.

More refueling.

We walk up the stairs...

Henry Fraser and his plant, busy working on back-end digital projects.

Paul Mooney, another developer with GREAT hair

Nice tie!

Nice trees!

Bemi Irone, web developer

Some of LoveFilm's tech team.

Half of the editorial team, Jen Trevorrow and Tegan Kniveton, writing reviews and creating content for the site.

Rob Holloway and Darren Bignell from the digital devices team working on what titles to promote. Fliss White, Head of Brand (and our tour guide) cheering them on.

LoveFilm on the PS3.

Good advice!

Hey, we got one of these, too! (From BREW PR, LoveFilm's U.S. media relations firm.)

Some of the Ad Sales department.


The staff DVD library near reception.

Cool business cards!

Healthy snacks!

Well, that's about it! We're outta here.

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