‘Love Is Blind’ contestants Damian Powers and Lauren Speed revealed that they dated ‘every day’ before getting engaged to other people

Damian Powers and Lauren Speed appeared on Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ reunion special. Netflix
  • On Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” reunion special, which debuted on Thursday, contestants Damian Powers and Lauren Speed said that they went on several dates while the show was filming (although the pair were hardly shown interacting on the first season).
  • “We dated every day ’til the point of engagement,” Powers said, revealing that they even did “Star Wars” impressions while talking to each other.
  • Speed went on to marry fellow contestant Cameron Hamilton, and Powers is now dating his “Love Is Blind” ex-fiancée Giannina Gibelli.
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On Netflix’s hit reality dating show, “Love Is Blind,” contestants conversed in separate rooms called “pods” without ever seeing each other, in hopes of getting engaged by the end of the 10-day dating period. Cocreator Chris Coelen told Entertainment Weekly that, although eight couples got engaged, they were only able to feature six of them on the show.

But some of the 12 remaining contestants had connections that were cut for time – namely Damian Powers and Lauren Speed, who spoke about their dates on the “Love Is Blind” reunion special that debuted on Thursday.

When host Vanessa Lachey asked the cast which of their fellow contestants’ physical appearances surprised them the most, both Kenny Barnes and Powers mentioned Speed.

“I’d say Lauren,” Barnes said, turning to address her. “You’re captivating, you’re stunning. It shines through.”

“I can agree to that,” Powers chimed in. “It’s funny, because me and Lauren, we dated every day up ’til the point of engagement. We had the best conversations. We started to talk in a ‘Star Wars‘ voice.”

Lachey asked Powers to elaborate on what exactly a “Star Wars” voice entails, and he joked, “I was trying to do Yoda, but I’m not getting casted for ‘Star Wars.'”

Speed and fellow contestant Cameron Hamilton became the first “Love Is Blind” couple to get engaged on-screen – only five days after meeting each other. Hamilton and Speed were one of only two pairings who actually got married on the season one finale.

Lauren Speed and Cameron
Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed got married on the season finale of ‘Love Is Blind.’ Raymond Hall / Getty Images

Powers got engaged to Giannina Gibelli on “Love Is Blind,” but ultimately refused to marry her. Gibelli initially fled her own wedding after being rejected, before returning and seemingly breaking up with Powers for good. However, as viewers learned on the reunion special, the couple got back together and are still dating in 2020.

“Looking back, I respect his decision,” Gibelli said. “I feel like where we are now is so right for us. Where we can just date, and he has his own place, I have my own place. We’re getting to know each other at our own pace, and it’s just so refreshing.”

Giannina damian love is blind
Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli decided to date rather than get married on ‘Love Is Blind.’ Netflix

The entire first season of “Love Is Blind” is now available to stream on Netflix.