A street artist covered the glass pyramid of the Louvre so it blends in with the historic museum

The Louvre, Paris’ iconic museum, is perhaps as well-known for the splendid glass pyramid that sits outside its front doors as it is for the masterpieces that reside inside its many galleries.

Now, an artist has made the pyramid completely disappear as part of a new installation.

The caper is the work of popular French street artist JR, who was tasked with making the Louvre Pyramid, which was designed by famed architect I.M. Pei, vanish.

He and his team of six people covered the front side of the pyramid with numerous paper sheets that, when combined, seamlessly displays a giant to-scale photo of the building behind it — in effect, rendering the pyramid invisible thanks to a carefully planned perspective trick.

“It’s quite crazy being Parisian, passing the pyramid so often, then today realising I can make changes to it and stick things on top of it to create my work,” JR told CNN.

He says he hopes that the “absence” of the beloved pyramid will make visitors pay more attention to it. “Walking around, I realised people turn their back on the pyramid to take a selfie, they don’t look at it,” JR explained to “The Wall Street Journal.”

“I am curious to see how people will react now.”

The pyramid will remain hidden until June 27.

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