The 25 schools that make the most money in college basketball

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball team has been wrecked with scandal recently, and even had to vacate its most recent title.

The good news for the Cardinals, however, is they are still the richest men’s college basketball program in the country. Based on the most recent data, the Cardinals have the highest revenue of any program in the country, and it is not even that close.

But Louisville isn’t the only scandal-ridden program raking in the money.

The Arizona Wildcats are also near the top. Their head coach, Sean Miller, was reportedly caught on an FBI wire tap discussing the $US100,000 payment to secure the commitment from a top recruit.

Below is a closer look at the 25 richest programs in college basketball. Data comes courtesy of the Department of Education and USA Today.

25. University of Dayton — $US14,031,059

Joe Robbins/Stringer/Getty ImagesFans of the Dayton Flyers cheering on their team.

3-year average men’s basketball revenue:$US13,171,557

1-year change: +4.1%

5-year change: +30.2%

Total athlete department donations: Not available

Athletics licensing/rights fees: Not available

2016 expenses: $US1,861,323

2016 profit: $US12,169,736

24. University of Minnesota — $US14,172,048

Jonathan Daniel/Getty ImagesCheerleaders for the University of Minnesota basketball team.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US13,216,981

1-year change: +12.6%

5-year change: -12.3%

Total athlete department donations:$US15,250,676

Athletics licensing/rights fees:$US51,849,920

2016 expenses: $US2,048,303

2016 profit:$US12,123,745

23. University of Florida — $US14,200,425

Mike Ehrmann/GettyFormer Florida player Canyon Barry.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US12,632,784

1-year change: +6.8%

5-year change: +39.4%

Total athlete department donations:$US43,146,263

Athletics licensing/rights fees:$US62,151,216

2016 expenses: $US1,917,690

2016 profit: $US12,282,735

22. Northwestern University — $US14,581,162

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US14,591,646

1-year change: +3.1%

5-year change: +24.3%

Total athlete department donations: Not available

Athletics licensing/rights fees: Not available

2016 expenses:$US1,816,709

2016 profit: $US12,764,453

21. North Carolina State University — $US14,611,434

Fans of the N.C. State Wolfpack.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US13,916,407

1-year change: +7.2%

5-year change: +14.5%

Total athlete department donations:$US15,119,174

Athletics licensing/rights fees:$US37,032,338

2016 expenses: $US1,487,112

2016 profit: $US13,124,322

20. University of Alabama — $US15,003,656

Andy LyonsAlabama Crimson Tide basketball coach Avery Johnson instructing one of his players.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US14,076,857

1-year change: +3.9%

5-year change: +27.5%

Total athlete department donations:$US29,651,491

Athletics licensing/rights fees:$US66,253,910

2016 expenses: $US1,831,200

2016 profit: $US13,172,456

19. University of Illinois — $US15,827,099

Joe Robbins/Getty ImagesFans of the Illinois Fighting Illini basketball team.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US16,774,156

1-year change: -5.1%

5-year change: -0.1%

Total athlete department donations:$US28,531,388

Athletics licensing/rights fees:$US44,433,775

2016 expenses: $US1,308,101

2016 profit: $US14,518,998

18. University of Arkansas — $US16,332,876

Mike Stobe/Getty ImagesArkansas Razorbacks basketball players in action.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US16,230,356

1-year change:1.8%

5-year change: -1.8%

Total athlete department donations:$US25,860,510

Athletics licensing/rights fees: $US58,473,384

2016 expenses:$US2,286,322

2016 profit: $US14,046,554

17. University of Michigan — $US16,913,194

Andy Lyons/Getty ImagesMoritz Wagner playing for the Michigan Wolverines basketball team.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US15,960,646

1-year change: +0.8%

5-year change: 71.2%

Total athlete department donations:$US37,581,954

Athletics licensing/rights fees:$US62,697,349

2016 expenses: $US1,658,202

2016 profit:$US15,254,992

16. Michigan State University — $US17,548,611

Getty ImagesMichigan State Spartans basketball players celebrating.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US17,674,958

1-year change:-0.5%

5-year change:-8.7%

Total athlete department donations:$US30,441,924

Athletics licensing/rights fees:$US53,914,039

2016 expenses:$US2,577,865

2016 profit:$US14,970,746

15. University of Texas — $US17,567,914

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US17,409,933

1-year change: -2.3%

5-year change: -4.9%

Total athlete department donations:$US42,159,118

Athletics licensing/rights fees: $US75,014,854

2016 expenses:$US2,993,873

2016 profit:$US14,574,041

14. Georgetown University — $US17,702,377

Mitchell LaytonNBA and Georgetown Hoyas legend Patrick Ewing getting introduced as the head basketball coach of his alma mater.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US13,134,412


5-year change: 76.8%

Total athlete department donations: tk tk tk

Athletics licensing/rights fees: tk tk tk

2016 expenses: $US2,559,739

2016 profit: $US15,142,638

13. University of Maryland — $US17,741,322

Rob Carr/Getty ImagesRasheed Sulaimon of the Maryland Terrapins men’s basketball team.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US17,202,172

1-year change:3.5%

5-year change: 41.6%

Total athlete department donations:$US13,676,004

Athletics licensing/rights fees:$US46,175,076

2016 expenses:$US1,371,837

2016 profit: $US16,369,485

12. Ohio State University — $US18,250,063

Joe Robbins/Getty ImagesOhio State Buckeyes basketball player Trevor Thompson.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US20,727,836

1-year change:-8.2%

5-year change:-3.3%

Total athlete department donations: $US33,138,103

Athletics licensing/rights fees:$US60,429,212

2016 expenses:$US1,835,458

2016 profit: $US16,414,605

11. University of Kansas — $US18,266,319

Wikimedia CommonsThe Kansas Jayhawks basketball head coach Bill Self coaching his team during a timeout.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US18,476,162

1-year change: 1.4%

5-year change: 11.1%

Total athlete department donations:$US24,020,732

Athletics licensing/rights fees: $US44,238,082

2016 expenses:$US2,149,420

2016 profit: $US16,116,899

10. University of Tennessee — $US18,322,729

Andy Lyons/Getty ImagesTennessee Volunteers basketball player Devon Baulkman.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US17,948,638

1-year change: -1.5%

5-year change: 26.2%

Total athlete department donations:$US34,082,765

Athletics licensing/rights fees:$US61,453,383

2016 expenses:$US1,404,533

2016 profit:$US16,918,196

9. Marquette University — $US19,327,629

Andy Lyons/GettyFans of the Marquette University Golden Eagles.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US17,656,689

1-year change:5.6%

5-year change:34.3%

Total athlete department donations: tk tk tk

Athletics licensing/rights fees: tk tk tk

2016 expenses: $US4,368,873

2016 profit:$US14,958,756

8. University of North Carolina — $US21,408,475

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US21,174,115

1-year change:0.3%

5-year change:-10.8%

Total athlete department donations:$US22,926,465

Athletics licensing/rights fees:$US33,669,653

2016 expenses:$US1,895,969

2016 profit: $US19,512,506

7. University of Wisconsin — $US23,168,473

Rob Carr/Getty ImagesWisconsin Badgers basketball player Zak Showalter.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue: $US2,383,494

1-year change:1.6%

5-year change: 35.1%

Total athlete department donations:$US21,499,693

Athletics licensing/rights fees:$US59,086,137

2016 expenses: $US2,383,494

2016 profit:$US20,784,979

6. University of Arizona — $US23,434,825

Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesCurrent Arizona Wildcats basketball head coach Sean Miller.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US21,460,877

1-year change:7.9%

5-year change: 15.2%

Total athlete department donations:$US18,904,155

Athletics licensing/rights fees: $US38,271,043

2016 expenses: $US3,091,204

2016 profit:$US20,343,621

5. Indiana University — $US24,560,829

santanartist via flickrIndiana Hoosiers basketball championship banners hanging in the rafters.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US23,890,290

1-year change:6.3%

5-year change: 36.9%

Total athlete department donations:$US20,467,570

Athletics licensing/rights fees: $US49,690,229

2016 expenses:$US2,485,006

2016 profit:$US22,075,823

4. University of Kentucky — $US27,965,227

Andy Lyons/Getty ImagesKentucky Wildcats basketball players celebrating a conference championship.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US26,629,669

1-year change: 2.7%

5-year change: 29.5%

Total athlete department donations:$US25,039,404

Athletics licensing/rights fees:$US65,400,012

2016 expenses:$US2,798,158

2016 profit:$US25,167,069

3. Syracuse University — $US29,322,084

The Carrier Dome is the home of the Syracuse Orange basketball team.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US28,521,803

1-year change:9.0%

5-year change:13.3%

Total athlete department donations: $ million

Athletics licensing/rights fees: $ million

2016 expenses:$US2,110,527

2016 profit:$US27,211,557

2. Duke University — $US34,398,285

Streeter Lecka/Getty ImagesIconic Duke Blue Devils basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US33,067,995

1-year change:10.8%

5-year change:34.0%

Total athlete department donations: $ million

Athletics licensing/rights fees: $ million

2016 expenses: $US3,142,715

2016 profit:$US31,255,570

1. University of Louisville — $US43,960,492

Kevin C. Fox/GettyFans of the Louisville Cardinals basketball team.

3-year avg. men’s basketball revenue:$US45,143,036

1-year change: -3.7%

5-year change:3.6%

Total athlete department donations:$US30,391,706

Athletics licensing/rights fees:$US38,148,302

2016 expenses: $US2,289,807

2016 profit:$US41,670,685

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