Never-ending fumble leaves Louisiana Tech with third-down-and-93 to go against Mississippi State

Louisiana Tech had a tough Saturday.

Down 57-14 to Mississippi State in the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs were in the red zone looking to make the final box score a bit less of a blowout. Then, a wild snap on second and goal sent the ball over quarterback J’Mar Smith’s head, leading to a fumble that simply refused to get picked up.

As players from both teams attempted to chase down the loose ball, it was continually missed, kicked, and pushed down field until wide receiver Cee Jay Powell finally fell on the ball for Louisiana Tech 87 yards later. The play left the Bulldogs facing third and goal from their own seven yard line, with 93 yards to go to reach the end zone.

You can watch the crazy play unfold below. Optional: cuing up “Yakkity Sax” before hitting play.

The Bulldogs would not convert on the lengthy third down, and went on to lose the game 57-21.

3rd & 93 upcoming…#HailState
— MSU Football ???? (@HailStateFB) September 10, 2017

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