How comedians and Hollywood stars are reacting to the Louis C.K. sexual misconduct allegations

Louis CK
  • Five women came forward to The New York Times with allegations of sexual misconduct against comedian Louis C.K., in a report published Thursday.
  • The story shook the comedy and entertainment world, and people took to Twitter to react.
  • Many women, especially those in comedy, weren’t shocked by the rumours, which had been circulating for years.

Five women accused comedian, filmmaker, and Emmy winner Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct in a report in The New York Times on Thursday.

The accusations span from the late 1990s to 2005, and involve the comedian  —  who has sold out Madison Square Garden eight times  — either masturbating in front of them, or engaging in other sexual misconduct involving masturbation. 

Although rumours of Louis C.K.’s alleged misconduct had been in the comedy world for years, the exposé still shocked many both in Hollywood and comedy. But from the reactions so far, men were definitely more shocked than women. 

This is how people in the comedy world and Hollywood have reacted to the Louis C.K. allegations: