Some People Who Don’t Know Louis CK’s Material Very Well Just Booked Him For The Congressional Correspondents Dinner

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A game, winking Seth Meyers he’s not, but, according to Laughspin, comedian Louis C.K. has just been booked for next June’s Radio and TV Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner.That gives him plenty of time to write some material that doesn’t involve sweating during sex and the relationship between 9/11 and masturbation.

We (gleefully) doubt he’ll use it.

This media-friendly Washington event is more conducive to C.K. than others — it’s not exactly a UN forum. But it’s still heavy on political presence. For one, the president will be there.

But we certainly get why C.K. would accept a gig that’s not quite in his wheelhouse: it’s going to make awesome inspiration for an episode of “Louie.”