Louis C.K. Has Topped $1 Million In Sales Of His Comedy Special, And He’s Only Keeping $220k For Himself

Comedian Louis C.K’s online experiment, in which he’s selling a download of his comedy special directly to consumers for $5, was already a success.

Now we know just how big of a success it is.

C.K.’s sales have topped $1 million in 10 days, he told Jimmy Fallon last night.

Of that $1 million, he’s using $250,000 to pay for the special, $250,000 for bonuses for people who work for him, giving $280,000 to charity and keeping $220,000 for himself.

By cutting out the middleman studios and distributors, C.K. has managed to create a windfall for the people around him and still make a solid profit himself. You can rest assured other entertainers will be taking note.

(via the New York Times)