Louis C.K.'s unreleased new movie is leaked onto torrent sites

The Orchard‘I Love You, Daddy.’
  • Louis C.K.’s movie “I Love You, Daddy” has hit torrent sites.
  • This is following the movie’s distributor being in final talks to sell the movie back to the comic.
  • The movie was never released after sexual misconduct allegations against C.K. were reported by The New York Times. C.K. later said the allegations were true.

Following the sexual misconduct allegations against Louis C.K. from five women in November, the theatrical release of the comic’s new movie “I Love You, Daddy” was quickly scrapped by its distributor The Orchard. However, the company had mailed out thousands of award-season screeners to voters before the allegations came out, and that has led to the movie finding a new life on the internet.

On Friday, notorious piracy group “Hive-CM8” released the movie on various torrent sites, according to The Verge.

There’s certainly an interest in the movie. “I Love You, Daddy” screeners have been showing up on eBay since November (one was even priced at $US1,075). Hive-CM8 – best known for leaking 40 screeners online in 2015, including “The Revenant” and “The Hateful Eight” – said in a message posted with the release of the movie that it chose “I Love You, Daddy” because “it never made it to the cinema, and nobody knows if it ever will go to retail at all.”

In December, the trades reported that The Orchard was nearing a deal to sell the movie back to Louis C.K. The distributor bought the worldwide rights for the movie following its world premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival for $US5 million.

Most believe C.K. would one day release the movie through his website, as he’s done in the past with his standup specials. However, C.K. – who confirmed the allegations against him reported by The New York Times – has left the public eye, so it’s unknown what he’ll do with the movie.

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