Louis C.K. Found A Dead Body Floating In NYC’s East River

Louis C.K. was going for a joy ride in his new boat this summer when all of a sudden the comedian came upon a dead body, or “floater,” as he later learned it was called.

“I got a boat and I was floating around lower Manhattan and up the East Side and you have a radio on the whole time, it’s an open channel,” the comedian told David Letterman while appearing on the “Late Show” this week.

“So the coast guard comes on and says ‘please be aware there’s report of a body in the water south of the Queensboro Bridge,’ which is where I was.

“And as soon as I heard it I looked down and there was the dude in the water.”

“I called the coastguard and I said ‘I got the dead guy right here!’ Louis explained, adding “I’d never seen a dead guy. It was creepy and weird and I felt embarrassed for him a little bit.”

But then the comedian got serious, saying “I thought about it and this was a person, this was a life, a story, and he’s just a floater now. I felt all kinds of things.”

Watch below to see if Louis took a photo of the dead body:

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