Louis C.K. sums up this year's 'insane' election in one analogy

Despite getting into some recent trouble for comparing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to Hitler, Louis C.K. said he is still compelled to share his feelings on this year’s election.

“Celebrities saying things politically is obnoxious, because you’ve got a bullhorn that was given to you for one reason and you used that bullhorn for something else,” C.K. said in new interview with New York magazine. “But also I think when there’s somebody as terrible as Trump running, you’re a little bit of a coward by keeping it to yourself if you’re really concerned about it.”

When the comedian was asked to describe his feelings for Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, he acknowledged that Sanders “jars something loose in our system and something exciting happens.” But in the end, he believes that Clinton’s experience would get more things done.

But even if there’s no other reason to appreciate C.K.’s take on this year’s election, his use of a very insightful analogy about flying planes in this interview would be enough.

Read the quote below:

“It’s like if you were on a plane and you wanted to choose a pilot. You have one person, Hillary, who says, ‘Here’s my licence. Here’s all the thousands of flights that I’ve flown. Here’s planes I’ve flown in really difficult situations. I’ve had some good flights and some bad flights, but I’ve been flying for a very long time, and I know exactly how this plane works.’ Then you’ve got Bernie, who says, ‘Everyone should get a ride right to their house with this plane.’ ‘Well, how are you going to do that?’ ‘I just think we should. It’s only fair that everyone gets to use the plane equally.’ And then Trump says, ‘I’m going to fly so well. You’re not going to believe how good I’m going to fly this plane, and by the way, Hillary never flew a plane in her life.’ ‘She did, and we have pictures.’ ‘No, she never did it.’ It’s insane.”

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