Satellite Shots Of Louis Moore Bacon's Private Island Off Long Island

Robins Island Tour 2

Photo: Wikimapia

Louis Moore Bacon, whose firm has been caught up in an insider trading scandal today, purchased the beautiful Robins Island back in 1993 for a mere $11 million. Resting off the coast of Long Island, New York, it was supposed to originally become a Suffolk County-owned nature preserve but plans for that fell through.Bacon has since renovated the island, according to Wikipedia:

Bacon has invested considerably in restoring the neglected island, going so far as to import full-grown oak trees to replace ones harvested for lumber years earlier. Some non-native grasses were removed from the island and replaced, and hunters reduced an overgrown deer population. The island has the healthiest turtle population in the state, which includes the Eastern mud turtle. Bacon is known for hosting traditional English “driven pheasant” hunts on the island for wealthy guests.

So what does Robins Island look like? See for yourself.

Check out this satellite photo tour of Robins Island >

Here's a shot from the coast of Robins Island.

An aerial view of the entire island.

A cluster of mansions can be found inland.

A secret trail runs to the coastline from the main land.

A secluded mansion flanked by two small lakes.

Another great lake!

More lakes and a clearing can be found deeper in.

A big field, presumably for sporting and events.

A close up of another mansion near a lake.

A black lagoon of sorts near the cost.

Is Bacon playing parachute tic-tac-toe? Possibly.

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