One Of Fashion’s Longest-Running Lawsuits Is Finally Over

louboutin shoes

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The battle over red monochrome shoes is officially over. It was one of the longest-standing fashion lawsuits of the past few years.A Manhattan federal district court has dismissed Christian Louboutin’s lawsuit against Yves Saint Laurent over the shoes, Vicki M. Young at Women’s Wear Daily reported.

A New York federal appeals court had already backed Louboutin’s red-sole trademark but only when the shoes have contrasting uppers. Thus, YSL could keep selling its monochrome red pump.

“After a lot of back and forth, both parties more or less won in the end,” wrote Dhani Mau at Fashionista.

This latest court order confirms closure of the litigation.

YSL is quite happy about it. Here’s its statement:

YSL is pleased to see now completely closed this action that had put at risk the ability of fashion designers to trademark colour, as well as to now have confirmation from the Court that it is entitled to continue to sell its unique and famous monochromatic red shoes.