17 Facts About Facebook's Demographics That You Need To Know

We surveyed 2,500 U.S. consumers 18 years and older about their use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. We focus in this issue on the Facebook findings.

Facebook continues to grow its membership (22% CAGR), passing 600mm members.

  • Engagement measures are growing rapidly, with members averaging 7.5 hours per week on the site, up 15% in two months. Over 57% of members now log in daily.
  • Privacy is decreasing as a concern for Facebook members, driven by lower media noise and enhanced privacy tools, which have been used by 65% of members.
  • 37% of members play games on Facebook, up 20% since the last survey, with players 55+ spending more time playing (9.7 hours per week!) than younger members.
  • More than 50% of members have “Liked” a Brand, with the five largest brand fan bases growing by more than 66% on average in just the last three months.

Goldman Sachs to the World — Facebook really is worth more than $50 Billion!

VC funding of Social Media companies soars to $819mm in Q4, almost equaling amount raised in first nine months of 2010. Total funding for the year reaches $1.67B.

  •  Of the total Social Media VC funding in 2010, over 30%+ ($512mm) was for companies whose primary business is leveraging the Facebook platform.
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Facebook continues to grow its reach and engagement.

Membership and Engagement of the Age Group 55+ Is Growing Rapidly on Facebook

The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is the age 55+ group, which is growing its membership at a 44% CAGR, with the number of 55+ logging on daily growing by more than 24%.

Privacy is Decreasing as a Concern of Facebook Members

Over 65% of Facebook Members Have Changed Their Privacy Settings

We think there are multiple reasons for the decreasing privacy concerns by Facebook members. First, we note that Facebook privacy issues were in the media a lot during the earlier part of the year, and the media has moved on for the moment. In addition, Facebook has continued to evolve its privacy settings, and more than 80% of users indicate they know how to use the settings, and more than 65% have actually changed the settings at least once.

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