Lou Dobbs Is Totally OK With Fox Business Network’s Borderline Terrible Ratings

lou dobbs

When Lou Dobbs jumped to Fox Business Network last November, he knew he was taking a risk.

The fledgling FBN had a small audience and would not be the platform Dobbs enjoyed at his previous gig at CNN.

Two months after the start of his Lou Dobbs Tonight does Dobbs, who helped found CNN, care that he is speaking to a little more than 100,000 people every night?

Not really.

“This is not new for me,” Dobbs told The Miami Herald‘s Glenn Garvin. “I was on the executive committee at CNN for years. I have significant management experience. I did a number of start-ups, including CNN itself and then CNNfn [a business-news network CNN operated from 1995 to 2004]. I love start-ups. The challenge of being an underdog doesn’t dissuade me. It’s all the more attractive to be a start-up and help build something. Building a business is the most exciting thing you can possibly do, in my opinion.”

The truth is that the numbers are not as bad as they look… but they are not good by any stretch of the imagination.

Dobbs may love the challenge of the start-up world, but you have to think he would like the channel he joined to be doing better three and a half years after its high-profile launch.