Lots Of Americans Want To Waste The Stimulus


Fears that Americans might do something sensible with stimulus money–like saving and paying down debts–are vastly overstated. The requests for stimulus projects in Ohio show that Americans are all too willing to spend the money on inane or insane projects.

WalletPop compiled a huge list of the silly requests that have poured into Ohio Governor Ted Strickland’s office. (If you’re unemployed or just bored, you can sort through all 8,000 requests here.) Some of the real stinkers:

  • $200,000 to train Ultimate Impact Wrestlers. “We would need to obtain a building for training and shows as we have currently been using my garage for training and this [is]unheated.”
  • $8,000 to make “Hand folding Origami decorations by Senior Citizens to sell on Ebay and Amazon to assist in small increases in income for those that can not meet their monthly expenses.”
  • $10,000 to start a web site to “facilitate the imagination and dreams of all children and their families” through creative writing.

(Hmmm. Maybe we should apply.)

Our favourite request, however, comes from a man who wants $20 billion. “I have a few projects to work on around the Boone household, and as long as Uncle Sugar is passing out money from the paychecks of future generations, I thought why not stick it to those yet unborn suckers, the ones we don’t abort first, of course. Oh, you may conclude there might be a couple of planned cost overruns, but you know how those darned government funded projects go,” he writes.

See? Americans will spend stimulus money so the Great Depression doesn’t win.