Lose Your iPad? Here's A Trick To Make It Easier To Get Back


Photo: Flickr via thenextweb

If you don’t want to use Apple’s “Find My iPad” service, here’s a free way to increase the chances that your lost iPad gets returned — turn your lock screen wallpaper into a picture that displays your contact info.Even if you have a passcode lock in place (which we recommend), your contact info is still visible.

It will only help your odds of getting your missing iPad back safely.

Create a new image in Photoshop at 2048x1536 pixels

Paste in a background image you like and size it to fit appropriately

Use the text tool to add whatever contact information will be most helpful to someone who finds your iPad

Select File > Save As and make sure the format is set to JPEG

Now you need to get the image onto your iPad. I chose to email it to myself

Check your email on your iPad

Find your picture from the camera roll and select it

There you have it -- your contact info on your lock screen!

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