The Lakers Are Super Cheap And Don't Want To Share Any Money With Other NBA Teams

kobe bryant of the los angeles lakers injured his wrist

Photo: AP

Although the Los Angeles Lakers desperately needed an upgrade at point guard, many were shocked when they simply dumped Derek Fisher’s expiring contract on the Houston Rockets.Fisher had been with Los Angeles forever and only had a portion of this season’s $3.4 million salary left on the books.

He could’ve easily backed-up newly acquired Ramon Sessions, whom L.A. got from Cleveland for two more salary dumps in Jason Kapono and Luke Walton.

So why is the league’s most prosperous franchise slashing costs all of a sudden?

The NBA’s “aggressive” revenue sharing program under its new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is to blame, according to TrueHoop.

And sources say that alone is set to cost the Lakers very close to $50 million this year, and something similar every year of the new collective bargaining agreement.

Under the new CBA the revenue sharing pool ballooned from around $40 million last year to nearly $200 million this year.

When you add and subtract the salaries of the players involved, the two trades save the Lakers roughly $2.6 million in salaries this season and about $500,000 next season.

Those figures are essentially chump change for a team that’s worth $900 million, but it’s certainly much more valuable when luxury taxes on that money are going to help your competitors.

Note: Since the salary cap changes year-to-year and team payrolls also fluctuate year-to-year, the exact dollar amounts the Lakers are saving in the coming years is hard to pinpoint. Also, the new CBA penalizes teams way more than the last one did. It costs repeat offenders more year after year by using a tiered system that taxes at a ratio greater than 1-to-1, i.e. 1.5-to-1 or 2-1, with every extra $5 million said team is over the cap.

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