Here Are Some Brand New Designs For The $1 Billion Los Angeles NFL Stadium

farmer's field in los angeles next to the staples centre

Photo: YouTube

Farmer’s Field is the proposed billion-dollar stadium that will be home to a potential NFL franchise in Los Angeles.Recently, the people behind the project released a video with new illustrations of what the stadium will look like.

The stadium would be a part of a new entertainment complex centered around the Staples centre and L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles.

This complex includes a glitzy new hall for the L.A. Convention centre, an outdoor plaza, and much-needed parking for tailgating.

Farmer’s Field has competition from rival stadium projects, and still has to clear some hurdles before construction begins. But based on the illustrations, it could be great.

This is what the downtown L.A. complex looks like now

The project would add four new major structures, at a pricetag of $1.2 billion — $275 million of which will come from city bonds

Source: ESPN

If it's built, four different teams — the Kings, Lakers, Clippers, and NFL Team X – will play just steps from each other

Now let's check out the stadium

The glass roof

The endzone stand, with dueling jumbotrons

It will have 75,000 seats

Another view of the roof

The downtown complex would be much livelier than it is now

The outdoor plaza would host festivals and markets

The rebuilt wing of the convention centre would have more space to host things like the L.A. Auto Show ...

Or fancy parties ...

The stadium itself will come with meeting rooms overlooking the field

An ice rink, in L.A.? Why not

The video ends with a montage of events that the stadium could hold, like the Final Four

Or an outdoor hockey game

Or a U2 concert

Or even an Olympics (seems unlikely, L.A. just had the games in '84)

Watch the entire video thing here

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