Broke McCourt Has “No Chance” To Make Dodgers Payroll Later This Month

frank mccourt

Photo: AP

Frank McCourt and the Dodgers have “no chance” to meet their $30 million payroll on June 30, according to a report by Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times.The embattled owner is expected to make a $10 million payroll payment tomorrow.

But after that things get shaky.

The June 30 figure is three-times higher because numerous deferred salary payments have to be paid out.

One of those deferred payments will go to former Dodger Manny Ramirez. Because there’s no better way to honour a known steroids abuser than giving him $8 million after he already retired in disgrace.

This is shaping up to be a pivotal moment in the months-long pissing contest between McCourt and MLB commish Bud Selig.

Without the funds to make payroll, Selig could seize the team and put it up for sale.

But McCourt has hope. He can retain his team if a television contract with Fox that will give the Dodgers a $285 million cash infusion is approved before June 30.

In a hilarious twist, Selig has to approve the contract. Something that the commissioner “would not consider … until he receives the results of an investigation into the Dodgers’ finances, which officials hope to complete this month,” according to the report.

MLB has been overseeing the team since April.

The situation is further completed by McCourt’s ongoing divorce from his ex-wife Jamie.

Shaikin reports:

Jamie McCourt asserted her claim to half-ownership of the Dodgers in reserving the right to object to the Fox contract, prompting Fox to tell Frank McCourt he has no deal unless the company can be assured she would not challenge it.

We would try to make a divorce analogy for this situation with Frank as the dad, Jamie as the mum, and the Dodgers as the kid stuck in between.

But this story is so convoluted and frustrating that it would end up making no sense whatsoever.

The only thing that’s clear is that the team is getting screwed while the adults refuse to sort out their shit. Just sell the team McCourt, for the children.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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