There's a $1 billion plot of land for sale on an LA hilltop big enough to fit a home the size of Disneyland, but only about 100 people in the world could buy it

Matthew Momberger / Juwan LiThe listing agent for The Mountain is flying around the world in search of the perfect buyer.
  • The Mountain, a 157-acre property at the highest peak in Beverly Hills, is for sale for $US1 billion.
  • The property is big enough to fit the Disneylandand Disney California Adventure theme parks, with 1.5 million square feet of lots ready to be built upon.
  • The buyer is likely to be a billionaire who wants to build their own compound – but there are only about 100 people in the world who would fit the bill, the listing agent says.

Up for sale: a 157-acre mountain at the highest peak in Beverly Hills towering over Los Angeles. And it’s all yours for $US1 billion.

Expensive real estate may come as no surprise in the famous 90210 ZIP code, but there’s no denying the jaw-dropping value of a 10-figure price tag. It sets the record for Los Angeles’ most expensive listing ever, the Los Angeles Times reports, and no one in the world is publicly known to have paid that much for personal property, according to The New York Times.

But the land itself is impressive. Located off Benedict Canyon, “The Mountain,” as it’s called, is big enough to fit the Disneyland and Disney California Adventure theme parks. Sold as one plot, it comprises 17 parcels of land, with 1.5 million square feet of lots zoned and ready to be built upon.

A news release from the public-relations firm The Society Group says estates and lots of this size are a rarity in Los Angeles.

But, as is common in Los Angeles, the property has an intriguing history, having passed through many famous and wealthy hands. According to the Los Angeles Times, it was once owned by an Iranian princess, the talk-show host and TV producer Merv Griffin, and a nutrition mogul, all of whom held the land but never built anything on it.

Who will soon be added to the list?

“Our likely buyer for this property is an individual who wants to build his or her own compound,” Aaron Kirman of Pacific Union, the listing agent, said in the news release.

While Kirman has already shown the property to a few billionaires – one who conceptualized it as a “Huntington Garden-style oasis,” he told the Los Angeles Times – he intends to use his estimated marketing budget of $US400,000 to $US1 million or more to fly around the world in search of more prospective buyers.

“There are 2,800 billionaires in the world,” Kirman told the Los Angeles Times. “We realised there are 100 of those that could and would want to buy the property.”

At 157 acres, the plot is “the size of a small city” that can fit all of Disneyland and still have 72 acres left. It’s the largest property and the highest point in all of Los Angeles, Ronald Richards of Secured Capital Partners, the current owner, said in the news release.

Matthew Momberger / Juwan Li

The buyer will be able to build up to 1.5 million square feet of buildings across 17 parcels of land, with the nearest neighbour half a mile away. That’s enough room for a “soccer field, amphitheater, helipad, and polo field side by side,” the news release says.

Matthew Momberger / Juwan Li

They will also be able to build up to 53 feet high, which is 12 feet higher than usual in Los Angeles. That’s all the more height to soak in the endless views of Los Angeles, Orange County, Catalina Island, and Santa Monica (when it’s not trapped in smog). The plot is so elevated that no neighbouring trees obstruct the preserved view.

Matthew Momberger / Juwan Li

The Mountain is heavy in security, featuring a private stone aggregate road, a cobblestone drive, and a custom-designed security gate. More than 500 trees and 5,000 plants have been planted on the property already.

Matthew Momberger / Juwan Li

Millions of dollars have been spent on developing the property, including adding a sculpture court, a landscape lighting design, and a backup generator large enough to provide electricity to 300,000 square feet of buildings if there were a citywide power outage, the news release said.

Matthew Momberger / Juwan Li

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