What Bars, Laundromats And Churches Will Look Like When The World Ends

lori nix laundromat

Photo: http://www.lorinix.net/the_city/index.html

From television shows like Doomsday Preppers to the Walking Dead and speculation that the apocalypse is imminent in 2012, talk of disaster pervades social discourse.Artist Lori Nix is offering a preview of what the post-apocalyptic world would look like in her project called “The City.” 

She builds tiny models of real-life landscapes and then takes photographs.

Nix was kind of enough to share some of her work with us.  

You won't be competing with other patrons at the laundromat

The pool table's up for grabs and the liquor's free at the bar

Finally, the peace and quiet you crave at the library

Fish have taken over this aquarium

In the apocalypse, people can paint marble fountains

The beauty shop needs a makeover

The Majestic theatre loses its luster but no one is around to care

City Hall is a disaster

These clocks aren't adjusted for Daylight Savings Time

Real mall rats have replaced tweens

Maps for navigating in the post-apocalypse

The art museum doesn't offer much cultural enrichment

Vacuums for cleaning up messes, but no electricity

Church is standing-room only

The botanic garden lost its groundskeepers

This control room can't be trusted

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