Lorena Bobbitt: Glum About The Real Estate Market

This weekend, UK paper the Telegraph caught up with every guy’s worst nightmare, Lorena Bobbit. She talked about what she’s up to fifteen years (!) after she delivered her that painful chop-n-throw to then husband, John Wayne Bobbitt. She shares her opinion on the real estate market and her current boyfriend (brave!) confuses Joe Biden with Osama Bin Laden.

Telegraph: Both Lorena and [her boyfriend, Greg] Bellinger work for a local estate agent and are very glum about the current market. Then we drift on to politics. Bellinger reckons it is a good thing Obama has chosen ‘bin Laden’ as a running mate: I assume he means Joe Biden. Next we study the menu: Lorena decides on a small cappuccino – ‘I can’t have a large one otherwise I’ll get shaky’ – and a wild-mushroom omelette. Bellinger orders almost everything else on the menu.

Lorena, now 39 and using her maiden name, Gallo (which translates as ‘cockerel’), is wearing a royal-blue shirt with matching royal-blue eyeliner, a black pencil skirt and wedge sandals. She wears a gold heart on a chain and has small, expressive hands – perfectly manicured (she still works part-time as a manicurist, the profession she had at the time of ‘the incident’).  

Another fun detail: 

If I went to a restaurant, people would wait for me to pick up a knife to cut a hamburger, then take a picture. I’d say: “That’s not very tasty.”‘ She hesitates. ‘I mean tasteful.’

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