This L'Oreal Marketer Is 'Bored' Of Pinterest And Underwhelmed By Foursquare

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Pinterest might be the social media mecca for women, but it has one high-powered beauty marketer yawning.”I was on Pinterest, but I stopped in the last couple months,” Rachel Weiss, VP of Digital Strategy and Marketing at L’Oréal, said at Business Insider’s Social Media ROI Conference. “I got bored.”

Earlier this summer, L’Oréal launched a joint social hair colour campaign on both Facebook and Pinterest. But the exec is over using Pinterest for personal use — which might say something considering that she controls the digital trajectory of a brand that appeals to millions of women.

“I use Twitter, Path, Facebook,” she said. “I think I’m a Path-hole.” (That’s a thing).

Weiss continued discussing what social media works — and what doesn’t — for L’Oréal. 

“I dont want to beat up on Foursquare,” she said, “but Foursquare is not ready for advertisers yet.”

The exec is actually taken by an old (but faithful) form of brand/consumer communication: Texts.

“You see financial service companies do that, and it’s been successful,” she said. “I want to see how that works in beauty.”

Rachel WeissRachel Weiss.

As the conversation continued, Weiss turned to fellow panelist Paul Berry, the former tech genius at HuffPost and current Founder & CEO of RebelMouse, which aggregates your social media activity.“My biggest pet peeve is social media graveyards,” Weiss said. “Something like RebelMouse I’m excited about because it helps us aggregate content in a number of different ways.”

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