Lordstown Motors has unveiled its $52,500 Endurance truck that's set to be the first electric pickup to market

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.
  • Lordstown Motors has unveiled a pre-production version of the Endurance, the automaker’s flagship electric pickup truck.
  • The $US52,500 pickup truck is expected to be produced and completed by the late summer of 2021, which would make it to the first mass-produced fully electric pickup truck on US roads.
  • Ohio-based Lordstown Motors has plans to produce 20,000 Endurance builds in 2021, and its first production year has already been pre-sold.
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Ohio-based Lordstown Motors has unveiled a pre-production version of its all-electric pickup truck, the $US52,500 Endurance.

Endurance’s unveiling event – which included speakers like Vice President Mike Pence and US Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette – was held in the Lordstown Motors factory in Ohio on June 25. This 6.2 million-square-foot factory was previously owned by General Motors for the production of various Chevrolet vehicles.

The first Endurance pickups will be produced and completed by late summer of 2021, placing Lordtown Motors’ flagship vehicle in the potential position to be the first electric pickup truck on the road as Tesla will begin production of the Cybertruck in late 2021 (with its single-motor rear-wheel-drive variant beginning production in late 2022).

The new automaker currently plans to build 20,000 Endurance pickups in 2021. But according to Lordstown Motors’ CEO Steve Burns’ speech during the unveiling event, its first year of production had already sold out before the unveiling event.

The automaker is now planning to increase production in order to meet consumer demands.

“[The Endurance’s name] has a dual meaning: it goes very far on a charge and it’s a very tough truck, and it’s built for people who need tough trucks so it can endure,” Burns said during his speech. “The name Endurance is also for the people who are building this truck.”

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance and CEO Steve Burns.

Lordstown Motors is a part of a long list of several automakers that have announced the production of electric pickup trucks, including Ford, GMC, Bollinger Motors, Nikola Motors, and Rivian.

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

The Endurance will have the best traction and be the safest pickup of any truck currently available on the market, according to Burns’ speech.

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

“People have such a loyalty to [the Ford F-150], but we are coming in with essentially a 75 mile-per-gallon pickup truck,” Burns said. “And for the folks we sell fleets to, cost is king, and we are the least expensive pickup truck.”

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

Its $US52,500 price tag makes the Endurance one of the less expensive announced electric pickup trucks so far, which currently ranges from Tesla’s $US39,990 for the single-motor Cybertruck to Bollinger’s $US125,000 B2.

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

The Endurance was designed to have only four moving components in its drivetrain.

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

These moving parts can be found in the truck’s wheels that each house independent hub-motor systems

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

This decrease in moving parts lowers the truck ownership and maintenance costs, according to its maker.

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

Source: Lordstown Motors

Endurance also has an “onboard power export” that supplies energy for items such as power tools.

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

Lordstown Motors’ flagship truck will have a range of over 250 miles.

Lordstown MotorsVice President Mike Pence at the unveiling of the Lordstown Endurance.

It can reach top speeds of 80 miles-per-hour with its 600 horsepower peak.

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

The truck has a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds …

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

… and can seat up to five people.

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

The Endurance can be charged 95% in 0.5 to 1.5 hours on a Level 3 DC charger, or in 10 hours on a Level 2 seven-kilowatt charger.

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

Lordstown collaborated with Goodyear Tire on tires for the truck, which also resulted in a deal that saw Goodyear slated to acquire some Endurance trucks.

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

The automaker unveiled renderings of Endurance’s interior in mid-July, almost a month after its debut event.

Lordstown MotorsLordstown Motors’ Endurance interior renderings.

Lordstown Motors collaborated with Hydra Design Labs on the interior look and prototype, according to the automaker.

Lordstown Motors

The $US52,500 Endurance can currently be pre-ordered with a $US100 deposit.

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

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