Here's how Lordstown Motors' new Endurance electric pickup truck compares to Tesla's Cybertruck

  • Lordstown Motors has unveiled its flagship electric pickup truck, the Endurance.
  • The electric pickup truck is will soon be saturated with both startups like Lordstown Motors, and veteran automakers such as Ford and Tesla.
  • According to Lordstown Motors, the Endurance will be the first electric pickup truck to market in the US.
  • The single-motor rear-wheel-drive Cybertruck and the Endurance have several similar specs, such as the towing capacities and range.
  • Here is the Cybertruck and Endurance, compared.
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The electric pickup truck market is quickly becoming saturated with both startups and veteran automakers, and the latest company to officially debut its electric pickup is Lordstown Motors and its Endurance truck.

The official Endurance reveal on June 25 at the Lordstown Motors factory in Ohio, while not as wildly hyped as the first-ever electric pickup truck debut by Tesla, saw guests like Vice President Mike Pence and US Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette.

Although Tesla held its unveiling event seven months before Lordstown Motors, the Endurance is set to beat the controversial Cybertruck to the market. According to Lordstown, the Endurance will be the first fully electric pickup truck in the US with plans to begin deliveries in the late summer of 2021.

This may be sooner than Tesla, which will begin production of the Cybertruck in late 2021 with its single-motor rear-wheel-drive variant beginning production in late 2022, according to Tesla’s website.

Despite the electrified characteristics of each of the rival vehicles, the Endurance and the Cybertruck’s three variants (single-motor rear-wheel-drive, dual-motor all-wheel-rive, and tri-motor all-wheel-drive) all have differences in specs like top speed and seating capacity, although there are some specific performance similarities between the Endurance and Cybertruck’s single-motor vehicle.

Here’s how the Endurance compares to the Cybertruck:


Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

The Endurance starts at $US52,500, which falls in between the different Cybertruck models. The single-motor rear-wheel-rive Cybertruck starts at $US39,900, the dual-motor all-wheel-drive at $US49,900, and the tri-motor all-wheel-drive starts at $US69,900.

Cybertruck prices don’t include self-driving features, which are an additional $US8,000.

The Endurance and Cybertrucks can now both be pre-ordered with a $US100 deposit.


TeslaThe Cybertruck.

The Endurance and single-motor rear-wheel-drive Cybertruck both have the same range: around 250 miles.

However, the dual-motor and tri-motor Cybertrucks have a range of 300 and 500 miles, respectively.


TeslaThe Cybertruck.

The Endurance can accommodate five passengers, which is one less than the Cybertruck.


Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

Both the Endurance and single-motor Cybertruck both have a towing capacity of over 7,500 pounds.

However, dual-motor Cybertruck has a towing capacity of over 10,000 pounds, while the tri-motor has a more than 14,000-pound capability.

Top speed

TeslaThe Cybertruck.

The Endurance can reach top speeds of 80 mph.

While Tesla hasn’t announced the official top speeds for the Cybertruck on its website yet, Car and Driver states that the single-motor can hit 110 miles-per-hour, while the dual-motor can reach 120 miles-per-hour and the tri-motor can reach 130 miles-per-hour.

Bed size

Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

The bed on a standard Endurance is 5.5 feet long, Lordstown Motors told Business Insider in an email, while the length of the Cybertruck and the long bed Endurance are both 6.5 feet long.


Lordstown MotorsThe Endurance.

The Endurance has four hub electric motors, while the Cybertruck has single, double, and triple motors.

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