Top British Architect Blasts LA And France As He Warns England Could Suffer From Urban Sprawl

Los Angeles

Photo: Flickr / Photos_mweber

One of Britain’s most respected architects has told the Times of London that new construction reforms could cause mass urban sprawl leading to cities representing Los Angeles spreading into the English countryside.The reforms have been defended by the government as a way to stimulate the economy, but it’s feared they may do more harm than good.

Lord Rogers, the designer of some of London’s most iconic structures, told the newspaper that he didn’t want a situation with “the rust belts and towns joining each other” which could cause London to resemble the sprawling Los Angeles.

Lord Rogers also criticised the South of France as an area where planning has got out of hand saying:

“Look at the South of France — it was once heavenly but now it is a nightmare. It’s about lack of control and care. The place has been spoiled, trashed. We don’t want that happening to Devon, Cornwall or the Lake District

The Daily Mail reports that environmental groups are also against the reforms, which could see large chunks of the English countryside engulfed by metropolises.

According to Rogers the answer is not urban expansion but renewal with urban areas being rejuvenated rather than expanded.

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