Eccentric Scot Lord Glenconner Secretly Willed Everything He Owned To His Caribbean Manservant



Eccentric Scottish aristocrat Lord Glenconner died last summer, but only this week did news of his scandalous will leak to the press.The Daily Mail reports that Glenconner left everything he owned to his beloved manservant, Kent Adonai, who cared for him in his adopted home of St. Lucia.

He had previously agreed with his wife Lady Anne to leave the estate to his 17-year-old grandson Cody, now the fourth Baron Glenconner.

Shocking though it is, this sort of thing was expected from Glenconner, formerly Colin Tennant, who famously bought an island in the Grenadines in 1958 and turned it into a party spot for friends including Mick Jagger — as chronicled in The Man Who Bought Mustique.

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