A Lord has been charged with racially abusing anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller

Gina MillerLeon Neal / StaffGina Miller.

LONDON — A peer has been charged for sending racially aggravated messages to Gina Miller.

Rhodri Colwyn Phillips, who holds the titles Lord St Davids, Lord Strange of Knokyn, Baron Hungerford, and Baron de Moleyns, was charged on Tuesday for allegedly sending a number of malicious messages to Miller over social media.

Miller, the investment fund manager who led the legal case which established that MPs must vote on whether the government can trigger Article 50, has been the victim of widespread abuse during the historic six-month legal battle.

The British Guyana-born Londoner arrived at the Supreme Court for the verdict in January surrounded by an entourage of bodyguards, as a result of the abusive and threatening messages, emails, and letters she had received.

Responding to the charge, Miller told the Times: “What I have received is from all sorts of individuals and all sorts of economic groups. I felt I have got to speak out. It actually made me even more determined … That was the irony of most of the terrible things that were online.”

Miller has become the face of what some Brexiteers and sections of the press perceive as the effort to block Britain’s departure from the European Union. Miller voted Remain but insists that her legal case was about protecting parliamentary sovereignty, not an attempt to subvert the result of the June referendum.

She has since described herself as “the most hated woman in Britain” and told Business Insider in an interview last week that some journalists went to extraordinary lengths to try and deter her from pursuing the legal challenge.

“I have got a thick skin, but at the same time they have gone beyond what I thought was reasonable,” she told us.

“They have gone to huge lengths. From sending someone out to the village my father was born in the middle of nowhere in Guyana, to tracking down my friends around the world from when I was 10 years old to find out whether I was bullied at school.

“They tried to dig up, but couldn’t find, my degree so I had to point out that my college has now merged with somewhere else, so yes they have been harassing me because they want to find dirt.”

Phillips was arrested by officers from the Metropolitan Police’s online crime fighting unit Operation Falcon on Saturday, January 25, and has been bailed to appear before Westminster magistrates on Tuesday, April 4.

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