It looks like Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage will fail to win their seats

The latest Lord Ashcroft constituency polls are out and they bring bad news for the leaders of the Liberal Democrats and UKIP, who both look on course to fail to win their seats on May 7.

According to the latest poll, Nick Clegg remains a point behind his Labour opponent in his Sheffield Hallam seat while Nigel Farage’s chances in South Thanet have taken another blow with the Conservatives increasing their lead to 2 percentage points from November.

Below are the results in full:

Given the likelihood of a hung parliament this time around, the failure of two party leaders to get to Westminster could make coalition negotiations all the more complicated were either of the parties to hold the balance of power.

Even more complex for the Liberal Democrats, the party’s deputy leader Malcolm Bruce is standing down at this election meaning that they could theoretically go into negotiations with other parties leaderless.

UKIP has been calling on its members to come to South Thanet in order to join the campaign to get Farage into Westminster. He has pledged to step down as leader if he loses, saying that failure would be “curtains for me”.

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