It Looks Like A Contract For Blast-Proof Cars May Not Have Been Thrown Away By Holden


Media reports yesterday suggested Holden did not offer a bid to supply the government with blast-proof VIP limousines.

This was framed an an example of the automaker’s lack of commitment to Australia, though a new Fairfax article this morning has a different take.

It says a joint bid from Holden and BAE Systems to supply the cars was chosen as the best option, from a shortlist that included Audi and Mercedes submissions.

Earlier reports had suggested the government would be forced to buy off-the-shelf bomb resistant BMW’s because Holden had not submitted a bid.

However, according to the Fairfax report anyway, a BMW bid for the tendered contract wasn’t submitted. Though a separate Holden offer, in conjunction with another partner company, was rejected.

Basically, it is suggested the earlier story may have been part of a campaign to discredit Holden, in the lead up to its announcement it would shutter is manufacturing facilities in Australia.

There’s more here.

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