Lookism Is Real And Could Be Costing You Your Dream Job

CV up to date? Check.

Referees still on board? Check.

Tall enough? Ch… wait. What?

In the past five years, 17 people have approached the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission claiming discrimination on the grounds of height.

Thirty-eight said they were being held back at work or not getting a job due to their hairstyle, 107 said it was because they were overweight. Ten said it was because they were underweight.

And two brave souls blamed their own bad breath.

It’s called “lookism” and the details are in a University of Sydney report launched today by NSW Supreme Court judge Elizabeth Fullerton.

In the report, researchers have examined 107 “lookism” cases from the past five years and cite other Australian research that claims good-looking men pull an average wage of $81,750 compared to $49,600 for ugly blokes.

If you want to know more about “lookism” and how to avoid it, the Courier-Mail has some handy tips.

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