Tonight’s Meetup: No Presentations, Lots Of Chatter

Are you one of 700 people who looked forward to seeing interesting startups present at the NY Tech Meetup tonight? You’re going to be disapointed: organiser (and Meetup CEO) Scott Heiferman says the monthly meeting is going to scrap its usual format, where a handful of companies strut their stuff for five minutes, followed by Q&A.

Why? Because, Heiferman says, “We didn’t get enough presenters that’d satisfy this crowd,” and that he didn’t want to end up “risking it with presentations that some would find mediocre.”



Meet your SAI staff: We’ll be at Cooper Union at 7 tonight.This is either a minor disappointment, attributable to August doldrums, or something more worrisome for the NY tech community in general. For obvious reasons, we’re assuming it’s the former. In any case, in lieu of presentations Scott has planned an “unconference” where participants will create 20 different discussion groups based around topics they generate at beginning of the event. Scott’s waiving the $5 fee for the event.

For a very small number of people who were trying to figure out whether to attend the Meetup or tonight’s invite-only Founder’s Club event at the IAC building, this may make things easier. But we enjoyed the vibe of last month’s Meetup and think this one should be good as well, even without presentations. Dan Frommer and I will both be there — please say hello.