Seeking nominations for the top ad agency experts helping advertisers enter the metaverse

Person wearing VR headset
Entering the metaverse. Iryna Veklich/Getty Images
  • Insider is seeking nominations for a list of ad agency execs leading marketing in the metaverse.
  • They’re people heading the metaverse, web3, and NFT divisions at agencies working with advertisers. 
  • Submit your nominations by January 20.

Insider is seeking nominations for a list featuring the execs at ad agencies at the forefront of helping brands navigate the metaverse.  

It’ll spotlight the people helping advertisers take advantage of the booming interest in web3 technologies, including the metaverse, NFTs, and the blockchain.

We’re seeking people who are leading metaverse efforts on behalf of brands, at agencies big and small. 

Their responsibilities may include developing ad campaigns blurring the line between physical and digital through NFTs, creating metaverse worlds, or setting up blockchain-based solutions for brands.

We plan to publish the list later in January.  

Please submit your nominations by clicking here before 5 p.m. ET January 20.