Looking For A Job? Maybe You Need Plastic Surgery.


Times are tough, folks. And that face of yours might not be cutting it in the job market, so maybe you should start cutting that face of yours.

Tom Johansmeyer nips and tucks around this uplifting story of people doing what it takes to get ahead:

According to Ali Vafa, MD, MPH, the number of patients coming to his practice at New York Medical Aesthetics has increased steadily through 2009. At first, most of the procedures (all non-invasive) were typical of any market. One patient was going to be seeing an ex-boyfriend and wanted to look better. Others were doing it for morale, just to feel better about their bodies.

Then, the job-related requests started to creep in. More than simply wanting to treat themselves to luxurious post-layoff gifts, patients were beginning to talk about their job searches — and the importance of looking their best.

“I have to admit,” Vafa says, “it hadn’t occurred to me.” He was all too familiar with the usual reasons for having wrinkles removed and lips plumped, but tying it to the job market was a new twist. “It crept up on me,” he continues, “until it was pretty hard to ignore.” These procedures have become yet another tool in the job-seekers arsenal, alongside an account on Monster and a headhunter’s phone number on speed dial.

Earlier this year, he recalls, few people mentioned that they were using cosmetic procedures to bolster their searches for employment. “Now,” he says, “I get someone just about every day.”

There is no standard “interview treatment,” according to Vafa. Each patient comes in with a specific interest, though the standard aim is to improve appearance — beyond getting a suit altered — for that big moment when the candidate is sitting across the desk from a potential new boss.

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