Looking At The WWE Tough Enough Final Six

Stone Cold Steve Austin sent two members of WWE Tough Enough home this week, leaving only six. With only six Tough Enough 2011 cast members remaining, it is time to break down the final six and see who has the best chance of winning a WWE contract and the title of Tough Enough.

Let me just start by saying how much I really enjoyed this season. Steve Austin has been tremendous and has elevated the series to a new level. I know a lot of people criticised the decision to bring Bill DeMott back, but even DeMott has been great on the show this season. Overall the show has done a terrific job of bringing out everyone’s personalities and providing an exciting hour of weekly television. What more could you ask for?

With that said, it certainly isn’t perfect. The biggest criticism from people inside the wrestling business is that the kids really aren’t being taught how to wrestle. I think that is valid, although it appears that most of them had some kind of basic training.

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