Look Who's Calling Rupert Murdoch The Leader Of A 'Crime Syndicate'

rupert murdoch

MoveOn.org sees a chink in Rupert Murdoch’s armour, and the liberal organisation is jumping at the chance to take the News Corporation CEO down.

Politico grabbed an attack ad created by MoveOn, which asks:

“Rupert Murdoch controls and influences a huge amount of all American media but is he running a company…or a crime syndicate? Enough is enough.”

It also asks those watching to call Congress and demand an investigation.

Expect more ads of this variety in the near future.

Moveon.org is fundraising specifically for an anti-Murdoch and News Corp. campaign. From an email sent out on Thursday:

We’re launching a new campaign to build unavoidable public pressure for full investigations.We’ll start tomorrow with a hard-hitting new ad asking whether Murdoch is “running a company or a crime syndicate.”┬áBut first we need to the raise the money to get it on the air and ramp up the campaign.

Ad below.

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