Look Who's Back On Top Of Drudge Report

newt drudge report

Did you miss him? 

Newt Gingrich is coming back. Maybe. Well, Matt Drudge is thinking about it. 

The front page today links to a story from Hot Air’s Tina Korbe that suggests that there’s reason to start paying attention to Gingrich again.

But it’s not all that convincing. Korbe notes that Gingrich is polling well in Georgia, his home state, but is way behind in Ohio, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. 

Don’t count him out though! Here’s the kicker: he’s up two whole points in the latest national Gallup poll. Hold on, stop the presses! Two percentage points! Gingrich has basically got this thing locked up, right? 

“Newt Gingrich has engineered two comebacks already,” Korbe concludes. “Is a third out of the realm of possibility? Never say never.”

OK, we won’t say never. But trailing in three important states and gaining two points in a poll isn’t anything to get excited about. 

Or is it? Gingrich is a resilient little bugger, and the media might just be fed up enough with Rick Santorum to give Gingrich another go. 

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