Look Up Your favourite Movie Scenes On AnyClip, Just Launched Into Public Beta

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AnyClip, a movie database that lets you search for scenes by actors, lines of dialogue, themes, and other keywords, launched into public beta, the company announced at SXSW today.

The site maintains thousands of pieces of metadata on each movie in its database, to make searching as easy as possible.

At launch, there are just 2,000 films in the database, but the company plans to have that number up to 5,000 by the end of next quarter.

Much of the appeal of looking up movie scenes in a database lies in being able to actually watch the scene once you’ve found it, but that is obviously a more expensive proposition, so video content will be added more slowly. AnyClip says it expects to have “embeddable video content for at least 1,000 movies by year’s end.”

The site is a little buggy, and appears to be struggling with all the traffic the announcement has brought in. For now, visitors can expect long load times and the occasional 503 error.

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