Look Inside Box, The Hot Storage Startup Set To IPO This Year [Photos]

Aaron LeevieBox.netBox CEO Aaron Levie.

Box, the cloud storage provider that just snagged a $US1 billion sales hotshot from SAP, is about to make the leap to becoming a public company.

As Business Insider reported several weeks ago, the company is looking to raise an estimated $US500 million when it goes public later this year, a process it officially began with a confidential filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission last month.

While selling cloud storage and collaboration software to big business might not sound like much fun to some, the atmosphere at Box’s Silicon Valley headquarters suggests otherwise.

From the use of the company’s relaxing blue hue throughout to a two-story slide and a giant gong used to announce big sales achievements, the office that Box moved into when its employee count first topped 400it’s at over 950 now — gives the impression that Box has managed to avoid the somewhat stuffy persona that non-techies associate with companies like IBM and Oracle.

The outside of Box's Los Altos, Calif., headquarters is easy to mix up with a hotel.

The sign revealing what's really in the building is less noticeable than the one for the hotel next door.

In the lobby, there's a poster with a silhouette of CEO Aaron Levie, who's known for wearing bright orange tennis shoes on stage.

Here's the slide coming down into the lobby.

It's a two-story spiral tube, like something you'd see at a water park.

A unicorn by the podium in the cafeteria.

Another unicorn. This is one of Box's seven core principles: 'Believe your epic ideas are possible.' The unicorns were inspired by a speech that the founders gave to motivate their employees in the early days. They hadn't prepared very much, so they just got up and started riffing about evil enterprise software snuffing out the life force of the happy little unicorns (employees).

Here's another one: 'Make Mum proud (unless she is evil).' Seems like a play on Google's famous 'Don't be evil' motto.

Box saved one of its old billboards from Highway 101, the main road through Silicon Valley, and put it up in a hallway.

They call this 'the bar,' complete with pool table. It's right next to the cafeteria.

Yup, there's a Kegerator -- no stale beer at this office.

For a quick break, Box employees can get together for a game of air hockey.

Or get in some video games on an old-school two-in-one tabletop arcade game -- Galaga and Ms. Pac-Man.

If employees need to rest, there are hammocks and swings upstairs.

This is the 10x conference room. They have a bunch of pencils and scissors that are 10x the normal size. The name comes from a phrase Box uses to describe its goal for each new release: it should be 10 times better than the last one.

This is the SS Enterprise conference room, complete with a cutout of Spock.

Here's another conference room named after the San Francisco Giants, a Box customer. The room is decorated in Giants colours: orange and black.

Here's where the engineering team works.

Here's account executive Eric Lomori with the gong used to ring up big new sales.

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