Look Inside The Stunning New Cafe Where Apple Employees Eat Their Meals

Like many other big tech companies in Silicon Valley, Apple is known for serving its employees some pretty amazing food.

In addition to its main cafeteria — which is open to the public — Apple operates a number of smaller, more exclusive, cafes near its Infinite Loop campus.

In June, the company opened a gorgeous new cafeteria designed by Foster + Partners, the architectural firm behind Apple’s upcoming “spaceship” headquarters. 

The new building is located at the corner of Bandley and Alves Drive in Cupertino. It’s gorgeous, with lots of steel-and-glass details that are reminiscent of an Apple store. Only Apple employees are allowed in here.

The new Caffe Macs at Alves opened in Cupertino in June 2014.

The 21,468-square-foot building was a long-time coming; Cupertino's Planning Commission approved the project in April 2012. A sharp-cornered roof makes it look a lot like an Apple store.

And huge walls of glass give you a good view to what's going on inside.

Once inside, there are plenty of food options to choose from.

And the food is just as pretty as the decor. Here's a gorgeous plate of Fanny Bay oysters.

Pork buns are another delicious option.

As are dungeness crab nachos.

The new Caffe Macs also has a high-tech TopBrewer by Scanomat, which can brew a cup of coffee after just a few taps on an iPad.

It's no surprise Apple employees love lunchtime.

Once they have made their food selection, they can choose a seat in this open area.

There's a lot of foliage in the middle of the room.

But employees can also dine al fresco if they want.

The two-story building also houses meeting rooms and a lounge area.

The kitchen and dining areas are supposed to be smaller versions of plans the company has for its new headquarters.

The sleek, contemporary design is a good indication of what's to come for Apple's new home.

Now see some more amazing food you can eat at Caffe Macs.

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