Look closely at this 'chameleon' and you'll see two women wearing nothing but bodypaint

Picture: Johannes Stötter

Here’s a couple of sisters doing an extremely convincing impression of a chameleon with the help of some amazing bodypaint:

It’s the work of renowned bodypaint artist Johannes Stötter, who’s won a stack of awards for his work, including a world championship in 2012. He recently released the making of “Chameleon” onto YouTube so we could see it magically come to life:

It has been nearly two years since Stötter last hit internet fame with another of his creations on YouTube, “The Frog”, which is actually pieced together by five women.

If you like that, head over to his website where you’ll find around 100 more mindblowing prints. Or, if you prefer, his Facebook page.

While his animal creations get most attention, Stotter’s landscape works are just as incredible:

Picture: Johannes Stötter

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