Look At This Chart! Instagram Is A MUCH More Used iPhone App Than Twitter

TechCrunch’s Ingrid Lunden checked in with analytics company Onavo to see how Instagram usage has fared in the two weeks since it stopped allowing Twitter to pull its photos into the Twitter stream. 

The verdict is that Instagram Web traffic is up some.  That’s not particularly surprising.

What is surprising is another chart from Lunden’s post.

It’s compares Twitter for iPhone and Instagram for iPhone daily active users as a percentage of US iPhone users.

It shows that just over 18% of US iPhone owners use Instagram each day, versus under 11% for Twitter.

That’s a HUGE difference.

Twitter for iPhone is just 60% the size of Instagram on the iPhone!

There are, of course, other Twitter apps available for the iPhone other than Twitter’s official app, Twitter for iPhone.


Every day, Mark Zuckerberg’s billion dollar purchase of Instagram looks smarter.

We’d say Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom’s sale looks dumber, but to paraphrase Mark Cuban, it’s hard to look dumb flying at 35,000 feet in your own jet, and Systrom can certainly afford one of those.

Here’s the chart:

Twitter and Instagram usage on iPhone