Look At All The Famous Journalists On Google+

jenna wortham

Muck Rack puts together a list of the journalists on Google+ who made up their Twitter 500.

It’s mostly filled with people you would expect: Arianna Huffington, Brian Stelter, Felix Salmon, David Pogue, Rachel Sklar, Kurt Andersen, Anthony De Rosa (whose Soup Soup Tumblr pointed us to the list).

In total, about a third of the Twitter 500 have Google+ profiles, but that number is growing.

What did we learn from a brief surfing session?

Leo Laporte is in 94730 circles. Alan Colmes is in only 91. Jenna Wortham looks like a total badass. BI’s Nicholas Carlson doesn’t, but we love him anyway.

You have to wonder how many people will eventually find their way to Google+. If these early adopter types don’t take to it, it’s hard to imagine the general population following suit.

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