Longtime Madoff Accountant Dying Of Cancer

Jerome Horowitz, the longtime Madoff accountant who lost his own life savings in the scam, is dying of cancer. Newsday reports that Horowitz told friends last summer that he had cancer and that it was terminal.

Horowitz is the father of the Horowitz in the accounting firm Friehling & Horowitz, which signed off on Madoff’s books, but since he lost his own cash nobody’s suggested that he knew anything about the fraud, or that he’d be taking any secrets to his grave.

Still, this is odd and disturbing about the state of the investigation:

The illness and financial losses were confirmed Thursday by Horowitz’s lawyer, L.T. Lafferty.

He said his client, who recently arranged to receive hospice care at home, was one of Madoff’s victims, and not an accomplice. He said Horowitz had not been contacted yet by investigators, but was prepared to help as a witness if necessary.

He’s not been contacted yet? Seriously, Madoff’s personal accountant isn’t someone that investigators would feel is worth talking to?

Anyway, FBI, you might want to get on this, since apparently Horowitz isn’t long for this world.

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