Behold the world's longest bridge made out of amphibious military vehicles

WhateverUS Army EuropeCrossing the Vistula River near Chelmno, Poland.

 350 meter bridge that stretches the length of the Vistula River near Chelmno, Poland, was created by connecting 34 UK and German M3 Amphibious Rigs together — which was then able to support 200 US Army vehicles crossing, including Stryker armoured fighting vehicles.
It was assembled for Poland’s national exercise, Anakonda 16, in less than 45 minutes, and is the world’s longest bridge using the vehicles to date.

The M3 Amphibious Rig is a self-propelled amphibious bridging vehicle that is used for the projection of tanks and other vehicles across water obstacles. 

Here’s the full video:

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