Cyclist Floyd Landis Accused Of Hacking Into Anti-Doping Lab Computer, Warrant Issued

Floyd Landis Lance Armstrong Tour de FranceFlody Landis (foreground) and Lance Armstrong in the 2005 Tour de France

Photo: AP

The French anti-doping agency said its computer were hacked, and a French judge issued an international arrest warrant against disgraced American cyclist Floyd Landis.The Globe and Mail quoted agency head Pierre Bordry: “French judge (Thomas) Cassuto from the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Nanterre informed us that he had issued an international arrest warrant on Jan. 28 against Floyd Landis, who tested positive for banned testosterone during the 2006 Tour de France after our laboratory computer system was hacked.”

Landis’ troubles did not end when he was stripped of his Tour victory. His father-in-law killed himself in August of 2006 and his doping hearing became a PR nightmare when cycling legend Greg LeMond said he had been harassed — and the exposure of his childhood sexual abuse threatened — before he testified that Landis had implicitly confessed to steroid use. The threatening calls to LeMond were traced to Landis’ manager.

Landis served his suspension for the steroid use, but late last year he left the cycling team he had joined in hopes of staging a comeback.

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