Long Island Politicians Threaten Secession!

The US getting Balkanized!

Ok, maybe that’s a little bit extreme, but it’s true that secession is a contagious concept. First it was Texas Governor Rick Perry reminding voters that the state had the right to secede (kind of dubious) and now it’s politicians in Long Island, threatening secession from the state of New York. And (surprise!) it has to do with taxes.

Gothamist: Angry at Albany for passing a bill that imposes payroll taxes to help bailout the MTA and other rankling decisions. Republican lawmakers on Long Island are calling for a study for examine secession from the rest of the state. Suffolk Comptroller Joseph Sawicki said, “The state of Long Island has always been a romantic idea, its been fun to talk about and exciting to discuss. Now, it’s become a matter of economic survival,” and points out that Albany gets $3 billion more from Long Island than it gives back. However, Newsday notes there are some worries—for instance, Legislator DuWayne Gregory (D-Amityville) explained, “Is there going to be an impression that the Long Island delegation, that they’re wacky, that they’re whackos? That’s the concern that I have.”

Yes, we could see why that’s a concern.

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