People Who Work Long Hours Are 67% More Likely To Have A Heart Attack

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Here’s one more reason to punch in the time card at a reasonable hour. If you work more than 11 hours per day, you’re 67% more likely to die of a heart attack, according to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Those who work seven to eight hour days are significantly less at risk.The British researchers looked at just over 7,000 adults between 39 and 62 years old. After 12 years, 29 people had died of heart disease and 163 had suffered from a heart attack. An astounding 67 per cent came from the minority (10 per cent) that had a history of working long hours. All other factors considered, this group was not at a higher risk for heart problems.

University College London Professor Mika Kivimaki told The New York Times that “the chronic experience of stress often associated with working long hours adversely affects metabolic processes,” or leads to depression and sleep problems. But he said it wasn’t clear if long days “increased risk or were simply a marker that could be used to predict risk.” 

Either way, you’re probably best balancing work with the rest of your life.